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Sermons by Visiting Speakers, Page 8

Steve Karma

Luke 1425-35: Counting the Cost, and Being Salty

Andy Hodson

The Real Thing!

Alan Dodd

Hebrews 124-13: Discipline - it's good for you!

David Brown (Counties)

Jeremiah 5 - Exposed?

Allister du Plessis

Leprosy Mission


Restoring the Benefits, Psalm 1031-5

14th September 2014

 John Severn 

Wycliffe Bible Translators 

Go To Him - John 660-71 (1st March 2015)


Change or Stagnate! - Philippians 41-9 (1st March 2015)

 Gareth Bolton (AMEN/OM)  

John 2.1-12: Creation at Cana (26th April 2015)


Isaiah 6.1-8: Send Me! (26th April 2015)

Wayne O'Leary  

1) Ukraine (14th June 2015 am)




2) He Will Build His Church (14th June 2015 am)




3) Romania & Psalm 23 (14th June 2015 pm) (Unfortunately the signal dropped out towards the end of the sermon. I've amplified it, but there's a great deal of background noise.)

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