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Pete Wright (Youth Pastor, Calvary)

Youth Service, 17 July 2011

(Unfortunately, there was a poor recording signal - we've done what we can, and there are two files available: please try both and take the one that's best for you.)

Alan Burns

Wedding Blessing, 17 August 2011 

Chris Cliff

OM Ships etc

Andy Hodson

Love in the Fellowship  (9 Oct 2011)

John Severn

26 February2012

John 13v1-17

Acts 4v23-31

Gareth Bolton

15thApril 2012

Living for God in a Pagan World

Never Saying "No!" to God 

Winston Flavell

The Most Important Question  (Baptismal Service, 29thApril 2012)

Bill Patterson (SGA) 

13thMay 2012 

Light & Darkness

The Most Important Question 

Andy Hodson

Struggle On! 
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