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John Severn
Forgiveness (Unique to Christianity)

God's Man - David

Jonathan Paterson

'Walking and Leaping...'

Gospel Message

David Clark

Reminders for the New Year

Ray Badhams

Seeing and Smelling

Naaman Murphy

60th Anniversary, February 1st 2009

The Parable of the Sower

1 Peter 1v13-25 - Living the Christian Life

George McIntyre

Birmingham City Mission

Christ in Colossians

Mark Greenwood

Baptismal Service, April 19th 2009

Edwin Orton

10th May 2009

Morning: Beginnings (Philippians)

Evening: (i) Work in India; (ii) My God Will Supply...

Allister DuPlessis

(Leprosy Mission)

God Helps the Helpless
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