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Miscellaneous Sermons, Page 15

Matthew Jones  

Camp Report, 2015 - Hallowed be Thy Name (2nd August 2015)

Sam Owen  

Holiday Bible Club 2015 - Joseph (9th August 2015)

 Martin Yates 

Building Angel Ladders (16th August 2015)

Martyn Orton 


Prepared! (23rd August 2015)

 Sam Owen  

Clothes and the Future! - Cassidy's Dedication Service (30th August 2015)

 Martin Tromans 

Harvest 2015 (4th October 2015)

Beth Evans 

Midwife in The Philippines (4th October 2015)

[Presentation saved as a PDF (therefore no video) because the original PowerPoint file was to big to upload]

Link to video shown by Beth: Prayercast Shine video  https://vimeo.com/23929798 

 Pami Ellis 

Shalom Christian Birthing Centre, Manila, Philippines 

Visit on 18th October 2015

 Matthew Jones 

Gentleness (29th November 2015)

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