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Miscellaneous Sermons, Page 12 

Martyn Orton 

Easter Sunday Family Service, 2014

Searching and finding!

 Martin Yates

Easter Sunday Evening, 2014

Like Thomas, Perhaps?

 Matthew Jones

Peace at the Cross


Joshua 8 : Blessings & Curses

Joshua 9: Pray About Everything!


Joshua 10 : Jesus The Warrior!

 Matthew Jones

Moldova Feedback


Joe Yates' Baptism (29 June 2014)

Ryan Tromans

The evening sermon on 15 June 2014 was subject to glitches, and is unfortunately unavailable. The evening sermon on 22 June 2014 was of poor quality, but partially redeemable.

God's Love for All

Matthew Jones


Joshua 11: What to Give Up!


Joshua 11: Fight the Good Fight



Joshua 12: Lessons from Dead Kings


Joshua 13: On the Waiting List for an Allotment! (7th September 2014)


Joshua 14: Faith & Conviction (14th September 2014)


Joshua 15: More Blessings from Lists! (21st September 2014)


Joshua 16-17: Unconventional God, Unconventional People! (28th September 2014)


Joshua 18-19: Get On With It! (12th October 2014)


Joshua 21: In The World... (26th October 2014)


Matthew Jones


Martin Tromans

People at The Cross, 1


People at The Cross, 2 - The Thief on The Cross

Martyn Orton

Colossians 31-17: Inside/Outside (or Gratitude, not Grrr-attitude!)

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