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Edwin Orton


From Prison to Prayer (Ephesians)

Report on India 

Brian & Chris Clarke (Krasif Aid) 

27 June 2010: In Partnership with Krasif Aid

(The first 33 mins are from the morning service, the remainder a section of the evening service) 

Alan Dodd

Acts 5v17ff - They Didn't Ask 'Why?'

Acts 3 - Correct Judgements

Andy Hodson

Give God what's right, not what's left! 

Bill Patterson (SGA)

12 December 2010

Morning - You Must be Born Again! 

Evening - Real Praise (Ps 103)

Alan Burns

30 January 2011 - Silence of the Soul 

John Severn

Church Anniversary, 2011:

Morning: Luke 11v1-13 - "No Way!!" (Teach us to Pray!)

Evening: Romans 8v31-39 - God is for Us 

Nigel Rowe

Pastor, Crestwood Church

Thoughts From Ephesians

(First Wednesday Evening Service, 23 March 2011) 

Edwin Orton

22 May 2011

am: Dedication

pm: 1 Cor 1 - Responding to the Call

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