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Series on 2 Corinthians


Matthew Jones

Empathy! - 1v1-7 

Prayer v Despair - 1v8-11

Christ-driven Plans & Actions - 1v12-20  

Martyn Orton

The Trinity in Our Salvation - 1v21-22

Mike Crook

Love Tested Through Painful Experience - 1v23-2v11 

Matthew Jones

The Triumph of Christian Ministry & Witness - 2v12-3v6 (NB - Due to a technical anomaly involving the flow of electrons in an inaccessible dimension, the quality of this recording is poor: we apologise for the inconvenience)

Jon Cram

3v7-18 - Reflecting the Glory of Christ 

Matthew Jones

Ch 4v1-5 - Taking Gospel Light into a Dark World 
Saturday, December 14, 2019
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